Conflict mineral sourcing policy in Huafeng

本站     2017-04-28    

Huafeng and Huafeng’s customers have observed and paid much attention to the society environmental status resulted by conflict mineral areas in Congo Democratic Republic of State and surrounding countries. The minerals sourcing from Congo Democratic Republic of State and surrounding countries and got by armed conflicts, illegal mining and from poverty working environment, have been listed intentionally as restricted conflict minerals, just because the selling earning of these minerals probably provides financial support to sustaining armed conflict in these countries. To satisfy customer’s requirement and fulfill social environmental responsibility, Hereby Huafeng declares and promises not to purchase and support these conflict minerals, and requires sub‐suppliers to take on agreed following responsibility:

1         Not use conflict minerals and metal from bad working environment

2         Require superior supplier NOT use metal from conflict mineral area located in Congo Democracy Rep. and surrounding countries

3         Retrospect to the metal involved in Congo Democracy Rep. e.g. gold, tin and tantalum etc. to make sure of the mineral source

4         To cooperate and work close with Huafeng to investigate metal source and make sure NOT use metal from conflict mineral area